Mother’s Day Giveaway!!!

About a week ago I participated in a pre-Mother’s Day Mug Exchange.  It was lovely.  A group of other moms and I decided to celebrate one another by sending one another a mug with a message we all felt we needed to share.

When I ended up being allowed to choose an extra mug, I decided to pass a message (via a mug) on to one of you.  That’s right!  We’re giving a beautiful mug away!!!  There were so many beautiful designs to choose from.  I ended up choosing a mug that I hope encourages every mom, grandma, and mom-to-be out there.

2780116Adoption, birth, toddlers, teenagers, kids in general, they come with chaos.  It’s easy to forget that it only lasts for such a short time.  The adoption process is terribly stressful, birth is painful, teenagers bug the heck out of us.  You blink though, and it’s done.  Embrace it while it’s here. This is the message I’m holding onto as we head towards Mother’s Day.

If you’d like to take this message home with you, please go to our Facebook page, like it (please!), look for the link to this blog post, make sure you share it, and then comment with any funny bit of chaos that has gone on in your home this week.  Come on, you know you have a good story.  Let’s all encourage each other with some humor.  Tell us your messy toddler stories, tell us a funny joke your tween told you, tell us something AWESOME that happened in your adoption process.  We would love to hear it!

We’d also like to wish you Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, birth moms, and someday moms out there!


From all your friends at Red Thread!