Teenager Tuesday – Danny

Darling Danny! How do you still wait?

image1 WMDanny is now 13 and needs his family to RACE to bring him home before his birthday in December. His best chance is a family who is already in process or has a completed home study. Could he be your son?

Read Danny’s watch Danny’s video and  read his full Red Thread profile HERE. (A password is required. If you do not have one, please click the Membership tab at the top of the blog.)

Danny’s file is currently waiting on the shared list and can be accessed by ANY agency with a China program. Advocates are happy to share his information with your agency to help them locate his file. You can email admin@redthreadadvocates.org. If you are a WACAP family, or would like to use their agency, you can also email Ckids@wacap.org.