About Us

Like so many new ideas, this project started with a phone call between two parents.  When there was no other answer to the “why can’t we…?” question, Red Thread Advocates was born.

Five adoptive parents – who found each other online, in adoption webinars and Civil Affairs offices around China – make up the advocacy team, in addition to the founder who manages administrative and technical tasks.  In a very grassroots manner, they have cultivated personal relationships with agency case workers, researched best practices and embraced the role of advocate.

Lori Saylor
military spouse, math teacher and lover of Downton Abbey

Mom of four
(China 2013)





Jennifer Calise
marketing executive by day, advocate by night

Mom of five
(China 2014)






Brandi Byers
medical appointment juggler extraordinaire

Mom of 5
(Korea 2011; China 2012, 2014)




Becky Ketarkus
pediatric advanced practice nurse and small business owner

Mom of 10
(USA 2003 (2), 2006, 2008; Ghana 2009, 2010 (2); China 2012, 2013, 2014)


Megan Dinkla
elementary school teacher and police officer spouse

Mom of 4
(China 2014)