Hayes is an active and outgoing young boy, who was born October 2009.  In order to grow and reach his full potential in life what Hayes needs is the love and care of a family.  Are you the family this precious boy has been waiting for?

Hayes is described by his caretakers as an extroverted young boy who is fond of singing and dancing. He has normal physical, motor, and intellectual abilities.  Hayes loves to play badminton and is fond of learning English. He is considered very polite and always curious about new things. Hayes has strong self-care abilities and often takes part in class activities. He is a very adaptable child who gets along well with his peers and takes care of younger kids in the orphanage.

At the age of three, Hayes was placed for a domestic adoption. This adoption was dissolved when he was nine years old and he was returned to the center because he wasn’t performing to the academic expectation level of the adoptive family. After some counseling and guidance, he has stated that he would like to be adopted internationally. His growth report from July of 2019 states that his physical development is normal and that he does not suffer from any other injuries. Hayes needs a loving adoptive family that is open to his history.

Hayes has no official medical diagnosis of any kind and appears to be a happy and healthy young boy. He has not had any medical history of any surgeries or other illness since coming to the orphanage. The contents of his file includes medical examination record, blood testing, urinalysis, vaccination record, growth report, and correspondence from the orphanage concerning his return.

This sweet boy needs a forever family who is willing to love him and accept him as their own. His story is heartbreaking, and he is in need of a family to mend his broken heart.   Do you have room in your heart to say “yes” to this precious, deserving boy?


1. How is the child’s intelligence level, compared with other kids of his age? He is moderately low in his class, but he has normal intelligence.

2. Can he go to the toilet by himself?

3. Please describe the child’s personality in detail. He is cheerful and helpful and he gets along well with others.

4. Does he behave himself? Is he obedient? What causes his fear? Yes, he is a good boy. He is afraid of snakes.

5. How are his gross motor skills? Any limited functions? Very good. He moves freely and smartly without any limited functions.

6. How are his fine motor skills? Any limited functions? Good. He can draw, write, and scribble with his agile fingers. He has no limited functions.

7. Does he go to school? Can he keep up with the class? He attends a public elementary school and he doesn’t have the best performance in his studies.

8. How is his emotional development? A bit delayed. He is quite attached to his caretakers and he is close to other kids in the orphanage. He rarely takes cares of others, but when he feels afraid, he would like to be held or talked to with a gentle voice.

9. How are his social skills? Normal. He gets along well with others.

10. Does he live in foster care or the orphanage? He lives in the orphanage.

11. Updated Measurements: Height: 143 cm, Weight: 28 kg, Head circ.: 53 cm, Chest circ.: 78 cm, Foot length: 22.5 cm, Number of teeth: 23

12. How are his language abilities? Normal. He can clearly express his needs and his language abilities are the same as that of his peers.

13. Does he listen to adult’s instructions? Yes, he does.

14. Is there anything else his adoptive family should know?

15. Does he take any medications? No

16. What is his daily schedule? During the day, he attends school. After school, he comes back to the orphanage and has dinner, plays, and finishes his homework.

17. Does he understand English? He learned Grade 4 English at school.

18. Is the child willing to be adopted? Does he understand the meaning of adoption? Yes, he is. He understands the meaning of adoption.

19. What color does he like? His favorite activities? Any favorite toys? Yellow. He likes racing and playing with electronic products.


Hayes has a $500 agency grant for his adoption with Madison Adoption Associates. Other agency grants may be available with MAA based on the adoptive family’s circumstances. Agency grants are awarded as agency fee reductions. MAA also partners with the Brittany’s Hope Foundation for matching grants, which are given out twice a year (January and July) to families that are matched with a child.

Hayes needs a family with an approved home study to be able to hold his file or move forward with adopting him. If you are interested in adopting Hayes, please email LindseyG@madisonadoption.org or fill out a free PAP Waiting Child Review Form, which can be found here: https://madison.mysamdb.com/SAM/Fm/FamilyInformationSheet_Edt.aspx