Adoptive Parent Toolkit

11079625_962146653820336_1141472088451504057_n Welcome to the Red Thread Advocates’ Adoptive Parent Toolkit. We are so excited to be here with you sharing what we know about the adoption process of waiting children from China. In case you haven’t had a chance to visit the rest of the site, we invite you to take a look. When you do, you’ll quickly learn about our passion for waiting children. It is at the heart of all we do here. That said, we would be woefully inadequate if we didn’t look at advocacy holistically. We’re not just advocating for the child who is waiting, we’re advocating for YOU as the parent too. Adoption is scary, emotional, overwhelming, and so beautiful. With all these emotions involved, it can be very difficult to navigate the process of adoption. Where do you turn? What resources do you look for? We’re here to help with that. This toolkit is not only your guide to the adoption process, but it’s your guide to what happens after adoption. Each Thursday, one of our Red Thread Advocates will lend their expertise in regards to each step of the China adoption process. Once we have outlined that process, and all the tips and tricks that go with it, we’ll help you with post-adoption resources that we have used personally, from people we know and trust. The landscape of adoption is ever-changing, fast paced, and therefore, hard to keep up with. We’re hoping you’ll turn to Red Thread as a great source for not only waiting child advocacy, but for adoptive parent and birth parent advocacy. At Red Thread, our mission is to support all sides of the adoption triad. Next Thursday we’ll start our overview of the waiting child adoption process through China with a wonderful post from an adoptive mama about all the things to consider when choosing an adoption agency. Thanks for joining us! We’re so happy you’re here!