Shared List Stats – June 5, 2015

SEO-statastic1Shared list statistics as of June 5, 2015:

Total Files – 1,961

Girls – 506 (26%)
Boys – 1,455 (74%)
Dossier First – 2 (0.1%)
Aging Out (10+ years old) – 681 (35%), 212 girls/469 boys
Aging Out (12+ years old) – 294 (15%), 91 girls/203 boys
Aging Out (13+ years old) – 154 (7.8%), 39 girls/115 boys

Breaking it down:
There are 681 children age 10 and up as of the end of June 2015 birthdays. Of those 681 older children, 294 of them are 12+ and 154 of them are 13+. This means by this time next year, 154 children are aging out of the system completely.

This month alone, 6 kids will age out. They will no longer be eligible for adoption.

The Shared List does not include children who are part of adoption agency orphanage partnerships, children who appear only on an adoption agency’s individual advocacy list or children whom the orphanage has not created a file with CCCWA. The Shared List is updated daily on the CCCWA website. Red Thread Advocates posts regular statistics to give an overall view of adoption trends.

Children with more minor, correctable needs are part of a monthly file release from CCCWA. Adoption agencies around the world lock files on those release dates in a matter of minutes. Nearly all of those files are matched with waiting families, however files not immediately matched are on the Shared List.