Celebrating National Adoption Month with Holistic Adoption Support

During the month of November, we spend most of the month leading into Thanksgiving thinking of all the things we’re thankful for. For adoptive parents, that always includes our children, but never more so than at this time of year, when it is also National Adoption Month.  For some Christians, this particular Sunday has also been named ‘Orphan Sunday.’  Our mission here at Red Thread Advocates is to be advocates until there are no more children waiting.  We can’t think of a better way to honor what we do here than to discuss ways we can support families and prevent orphans.  This might seem counterintuitive coming from a bunch of adoptive moms, but this is all about honoring all sides of the triad that adoption is built upon.

What is the adoption triad? Adoption is often described as a ‘triad’ that includes the child, the adoptive parent, and the birth parent.


While we, as adoptive parents, often focus on the sides of the triad most visible to us, usually ourselves and our amazing kids, all sides of the triad need to be remembered and acknowledged during this month, especially on this Sunday.  It is often discussed that adoption is rooted in loss. Loss of biological connections. Loss of native culture. It is never a first choice. Family preservation is the ultimate goal. When that isn’t possible, adoption is beauty from the ashes.

For these reasons, we need to look at adoption holistically. What can we do to support and celebrate adoption while also supporting and celebrating families who may want to stay together?

Support the kids who still wait through these amazing organizations:

–One Sky. http://halfthesky.org/en

–China Little Flower. http://www.chinalittleflower.org

–Elim Kids. http://elimkids.com

Support birth parents with the goal of keeping their family intact:

–Love Without Boundaries, Unity Fund. http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com

–Morningstar, Love Project. http://morningstarproject.org/love-project/

There are always ways to support families who are in the process of adopting:

–Many families sell products to help raise money for their expenses. https://www.facebook.com/groups/240316096097463/

–Or donate to the fund of an individual child who touches your heart, http://reecesrainbow.org