A Sibling Perspective on Travel: After Travel.

One month ago today I traveled to China with my 12 and 13-year-old sons to bring home our 3.5-year-old daughter, Gigi. My boys, Brady and Cam, had written a little prelude to travel HERE. They had given some insights into what they expected when traveling to China and what they hoped for their sister when they met her.

Upon our arrival home, they created an amazing slideshow for their class all about China, the cultural experiences they had, and the life-changing moments that occurred when their sister came to be part of our family.  I took some of the pictures they put into the slideshow and put them here for you, but I asked them some questions directly about travel too, so that you could hear it from them.

Me: Hey boys, this is our post-China interview. How do you think things have been since we’ve been home?

Brady: Good. A little crazy, but good. We’ve been working hard to learn sign language. Gigi is learning fast. That’s good. She was mad at first that she couldn’t tell us what she wanted.

Cam: I’m glad we’re all together. Christmas was fun, but we missed some stuff we usually do because she just couldn’t handle it. That’s okay to do that for a year. She’ll get it next year. We stayed in our pajamas and helped her figure it out.


Me: Can you tell me what you thought of China? Specifically, what was the best thing you think we did?

Brady: I liked touring Shanghai. I learned a lot. I liked our guide. He talked directly to me, not like I was a kid, but like I could learn like an adult. He told me a lot of really great stories.


Cam: I told you I wouldn’t go on an orphanage tour, but that changed when I met Gigi and saw how much better it would be if we went back to visit the people who had taken care of her. It was hard for me to imagine what it would be like, but it was good. I still think about the kids that ran up and hugged me. I loved meeting the kids with Down Syndrome. I’ll never forget them. Never.


Me: What was the worst part about going? You can be honest.

Brady: I don’t really have anything that was terrible to tell you about. It was hard when Gigi only liked Cam. I know it made you feel bad, even though you kept telling us it was normal.

Cam: I think that was the worst part too. But, she liked me best, so it wasn’t all bad.

Me:  What was the funniest part of China?

Brady:  I liked how China celebrates Christmas.  Not a whole lot of it made sense to me.  Like when we wondered why Santa always plays the saxophone there?


Cam:  Yep.  That was good, but the baby spa was my favorite.  Babies, just floating in a tank in the mall window.  There weren’t words for that.  And, thank goodness, there are pictures either.

**He’s right, there aren’t, but you can Google it and see for yourself**

Me: What would you say now to people who are thinking about taking their kids to China with them?

Cam: I would say the same thing I said during the last interview. Do it! It will be so worth it. It’s hard, but it’s so worth it.

Brady: I would agree. I learned so much. I will remember it forever.


Photo credit to Mustard Seed Photography