China Adoption Summer Camp Guide!

It’s that time of year again!  The end of March and the beginning of April are that glorious point in Spring when parents rejoice and start to exit their homes with their children to burn off some of that cabin fever they endured during the long months of cold and snow.  We enjoy the smattering of warm days that spring affords us, between the freak snow storms that still occasionally occur, well, up here in the midwest anyway, and we watch our children play like maniacs at the local park.  It takes about five minutes for parents to think, ‘wait one second! This is how much energy they’ll have ALL summer, when they’re with me, AT HOME!’  It’s around that time that we, the parents of the world, start to think about ways to harness that energy for the good over the summer.  Summer camp immediately comes to mind.

When you’re parenting a child through adoption, summer camp not only becomes a GREAT way to harness the inevitable energy in a fun, nature-based way, but it can also be an awesome way to connect a child to other children who came to their families through adoption or share a common heritage.  For a child with a special need or visible difference it is a great way to find community and support with a group of kids with a shared experience.  For all these reasons, we’ve put together a Red Thread Advocates ‘All Things China Adoption Summer Camp Guide’ JUST FOR YOU!

This guide includes camps related to: adoption, language and heritage.  Since China adoption has become, largely, a program for children with medical/developmental special needs or visible differences, one section of the guide is devoted to camps that serve children with specific medical diagnoses and/or differences.

Camps in this guide that are China heritage or generally adoption related are organized by geographic area of the country: northeast, south, midwest, and west.  Camps that are special need/difference related are organized by need or difference.  General/multiple diagnoses camps can be found in the section at the bottom of the guide.

If you have experience with a camp your child has attended, or one you’ve heard someone say they had a great experience with, please let us know!  You can email us at or you can comment on the linked post on the Red Thread Facebook page.  

Adoption, Heritage, China Language Camps:


Chinese Language School Summer Camp–Conneticut

Chinese Dragon Camp–Maine

New England Chinese Youth Summer Camp–Massachusetts

Winchester School of Chinese Culture Summer Program–Massachusetts

Camp Friendship–New Jersey

Camp FCC–New Jersey

Holt International East Coast Camp–Pennsylvania

Chinese Culture Camp–Vermont

Camp For Me–Vermont

AdopTeen Camp–Washington D.C.


Camp China–North Carolina

Lily Pad Chinese School Summer Camp Program–Texas

FCC Austin Culture Camp–Texas


Chinese Folk Art Summer Camp–Illinois

Chinese Culture and Language Camp–Illinois

Kaleidoscope Culture Camp–Illinois

Families for International Children–Michigan

Adoption Day Camp–Minnesota

Holt International Nebraska Camp–Nebraska

Dillon International China Camp–Oklahoma

Holt International Wisconsin Camp–Wisconsin

WEST & Alaska

Babylon Language Camp–Alaska

PACT Family Camp–California

Chinese Folk Art Summer Camp–California

Irvine Chinese School Summer Program–California

Chinese Culture Camp–California

China Heritage Mountain Camp–Colorado

China Heritage Urban Camp–Colorado

China Heritage Camp II–Colorado

Holt International Oregon Camp–Oregon

WACAP Family Camp–Washington

FCC Northwest Family Camp–Washington

Camps for Kids with Special Needs/Visible Differences:





Cerebral Palsy

Cleft & Craniofacial Anomalies

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH)

Congenital Heart Disease


Down Syndrome



GI Disease/Illness

Hearing Loss



Limb Loss/Amputee

Spina Bifida

Visual Impairment

General/Multiple Needs Camps:

Painted Turtle Camp

Easter Seals Camp

Camp Korey