LOA, Baby!


You have completed the home study, signed with an agency, completed boat loads of paperwork, been thoroughly investigated by nearly every agency known to man, compiled your dossier, sent it to China and received your LID. And then you have waited ever so patiently like all other adoptive families (HA!) to get your approval from China that gives you the go-ahead to bring home your newest addition.

And you FINALLY received it…your LOA (Letter of Acceptance) which is also referred to as LSC (Letter Seeking Confirmation) by some agencies. China has said YES to your request to adopt your new child and then asks (to me) the funniest question. Do you accept this child?

I remember looking at that paper and thinking, “OF COURSE we do!”


LOA pic

Once your agency receives your LOA/LSC, they will forward it on to you for your “decision” and signature. This signed document is needed to get the ball rolling for USCIS part 2. (You didn’t think you were done with them, did you?)

We were SO excited to be at this point in our journey. It finally started feeling like there was a real child at the end of all of this paperwork and we were getting very close to him! The long wait was over (56 days* butwhowascounting); our son would soon join our family.



If this is where you are, you’d better buckle up and hang on for the ride! Things are getting real, now!

*A question that gets asked OFTEN is, “How long from LID to LOA?” Although someone can give you approximate times based on current trends, no one can really answer that question. For some it is whiplash fast for no apparent reason. For others, it is painstakingly S.L.O.W also for no apparent reason. Your agency should be able to give you an idea of recent LOA wait times. Finding a Facebook group with others who are journeying beside you in their adoption process can often be helpful for these kinds of questions.