Wait…USCIS Again??!!


Just when you thought you were done, here is USCIS again! There are a lot of little steps and acronyms in this post, but hang in there!

You are SOOOOO close!

Before you send your dossier to China, you file the I-800a which is then approved stating your suitability as adoptive parents. This time around, you are applying to bring your specific child into the U.S.

Once your LOA arrives, you will sign it accepting the match of your child and your agency submits your (hopefully already prepared and ready to roll) I-800. This document will have your child’s Chinese name on it. It is REALLY getting real now!

Once USCIS provisionally approves your I-800, the National Visa Center (NVC) sends that provisional approval to the US Consulate in Guangzhou. Some people say that you are now “cabled.” (This provisional approval becomes final during your consulate appointment (CA) while you are in China.) At this point you can obtain an electronic copy of your NVC approval and send it to your adoption agency. You will also complete the DS-260 form online through the US Consulate website. This is your application for a US immigrant visa for your new child.

Never fear!!! Your pre-travel paperwork is nearing the end!

Next your adoption agency’s in-country guide will deliver your 1-800 and NVC provisional approval to the US Consulate in China. Although many steps during this process have so many variables that determine how long things take, this step is almost always exactly 10 business days. The in-country rep is given a pick up date at the time the documents are dropped off. When the pick up date arrives, the in-country rep is given your Article 5.

When the Article 5 is received, your in-country rep will then overnight it to the CCCWA offices in Beijing. This starts your travel approval (TA) wait, which can be as quick as 1 day or as long a several weeks. And lets face it…when you have waited THIS LONG to meet your new little one, it cannot seem to come quickly enough!

Once the long-awaited TA arrives, you will then give your agency your top 5 choices for your consulate appointment (CA) date. Your agency will work with the US Consulate to secure your choices and then your family day will be set based on that date. Although many family days are set for the Sunday or Monday of the week prior to your CA, some factors such as province, expedited cases, and dual adoptions may affect the day of the week you will finally meet your new son or daughter. .

Upon receipt of your CA date, which determines your family day, you will now book your travel arrangements and pack your bags!

It’s time to go, folks!



To see the steps in bullet format, click HERE.