Help a Mama Out, Here!

For the last few months, advocates have taken you from thinking about China adoption all the way to Family Day and a little beyond. And although we are proud of the overview we have provided, obviously this series alone cannot adequately prepare you for your adoption journey. There is so much more to discuss…coming home, attachment and bonding (for all parties), trauma in adopted children, education options, what to do when things aren’t getting better, prioritizing birth culture, age-appropriate conversations about adoption. The topics are nearly endless!

Please KEEP LEARNING! Whether this is your first adoption or you are a pro, there is always room for growth!

Read adoption books. Advocate favorites are: Adopting the Hurt ChildThe Connected Child, Post-Adoption Blues

Complete extra adoption training videos! Some of these are worth their weight in gold!

Read adoption blogs. Advocate favorites are: FullPlateMom, Jen Hatmaker – One Year Home, His Hands, His Feet, and SO many more! You may not agree with every author, but the more you see how “real life” has played out in different families, the better prepared you will be for whatever may come.

Research parenting a child who has survived trauma. Advocate favorite resources are: Karyn Purvis books and videos, Adopting the Hurt Child, Empowered to Connect

Join Facebook groups that apply to you:

Considering Older Child Adoption

Special Needs Resources – China Adoption

Search for groups regarding specific special needs also! There is such a wealth of information wrapped up in these experienced families!

Connect with other adoptive families…near and far! Many agencies have their own Facebook groups that you can join once you are in process with their agency. There are also Facebook groups for people from all agencies but similar stages in the journey. Even though everyone from our group has long been home, we are still connected and enjoy seeing the amazing growth in all of our amazing kiddos. There is currently a group  for DTC Summer/Fall 2015 if that is where you find yourself. It is neat to connect ahead of time with families that you may actually see in China!

Have an emergency support person! Sometimes while you are in-country, things don’t happen exactly the way you planned. You are out of your comfort zone, far away from family and friends, and most likely exhausted! When behaviors you didn’t expect rear their ugly heads, or medical needs appear more severe than you thought, or your child doesn’t seem as developmentally on track as you had hoped, have a been-there-done-that mama on the ready to help you navigate those trying times.  Advocates here at Red Thread would be honored to be that support for you! Feel free to email us here anytime at We have walked in your shoes and would love to be part of your adoption story if you need us!

And if you came in late to the series, or ever need a refresher, here are the posts in our toolkit!

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