Maybe Your Child is Not in China?

Here at Red Thread we are PASSIONATE for the amazing kids who are waiting in China. We are all very familiar with their well-run program and China is knitted into our families’ stories in a very special way.

However, we often hear people say they would love to adopt from China, but do not meet their requirements. But you know what? There are WORTHY children in so many other countries as well as here in the U.S. Recently we became aware of two programs that have requirements that may better fit some families and some BEAUTIFUL kids that are waiting in their countries.

As waiting child advocates, we realize that kids are kids no matter where our manmade maps have them living. We would love nothing more than to advocate for the children in these other programs.

But we can’t.

Due to their program rules, these children’s information is not allowed to be shared publicly. We all know how many people are pulled-in by cute pictures and videos and stories about personalities for our China kids. But this is not possible for kids in Thailand and India. And OH the cuteness that abounds in the files and photos of those kids.

Young kids. Girls. HIV+. Minor needs. Healthy.

There are kids in all of these categories. Kids who would be chosen so quickly if they were in China. But they wait since so many are unaware of their need and or unfamiliar with these programs.

So if you or anyone you know has ever said, “I’d love to BUT…” that’s OK! Maybe your child is not in China.  🙂

Program Requirements for India

Program Requirements for Thailand